Social-Emotional Learning

Spencer West is an author, humanitarian and inspirational speaker. Born with a genetic disease that prevented the muscles in his legs from working, his legs were removed at the age of five just below his pelvis. In Part 1 of this episode, Spencer talks with host Sophie Grégoire Trudeau about resilience, how he has redefined possible and what he does to support his own well-being. In Part 2 of this episode, psychologist Kimberly Schonert-Reichl and host Leysa Cerswell Kielburger consider the importance of nurturing our social and emotional competencies; these skills are learned, and can be learned, throughout our lives.

One thought on “Social-Emotional Learning

  1. Thank you so much! As a teacher I found myself nodding along and forgiving myself for what I had hoped the last few months would be while thinking ahead to my return to the classroom. This is beautiful and I will be encouraging all educators to take a listen 🙂

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